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Boston Marathon, 2014 and Gold

We all have hobbies.  For me athletics have been an intrical part of mine, switching from hockey to running in 1999, since it seemed less violent.

Since the change I was consumed by the challenge of Marathons...Imediatley learned of the competitive nature of the Boston Marathon. Like most long distance runners, the goal is to qualify for Boston and/or donate with a team and/or run for the foundation!

The world 's oldest marathon is Boston,  it's 117th year!  I have had the honor to participate with the city, elites, and participating worldwide runners for the last ten straight years!  I love running the Boston Marathon!

April 15th 2013, Patriots day, in was an absolute great day to run!  I have looked forward to this day so much! I was honored to be put of a local running club "Genesee Valley Harriers". As a team we ran great responded valiantly to the competition.  Below are the people I was honored to be with: Carolyn, Dan, Johanna, James an Matt.

I love to compete.  It is fun to see how I can be in the best health to prove a willingness within a receipt of that "gold" metal as a finisher.  I love to document my "tours" sometimes using a video camera.  I also have a blog to document some of my experiences.  I realize my body will not withstand the competitiveness, and hope later in life look back with great honor!  I was able to video as I ran down Boylston. To think bombs were possibly in place is there waiting to be set off is unbelievable.  Why would someone think of doing such a thing.  This is my 2013 Boston marathon finish about an hour before the terror.

Just viewing and hearing all the support of people, running with the local Rochester runners, running with runners from all over the world, viewing Team Hoyt and GVH teammates.  Not once thinking lives would be in jeopardy. 

As the run progressed, it was exactly what I had hoped for.  While always as of recent years, the goal is to be under three hours, it resulted in just over three hours.  I try to make light of things and have fun with the experience. My Dad always loved to kind of joke with the general subject. have fun with it, but on the same page have it on fore front of topic as important!  He was very serious with his hobby of golf, having a "IRISH" open, but having fun with it.  I do the same. My conversations are to be on the light side.  In this case I had stopped to "pee" :) I laugh and say kidding "the reason why no sub three hour was my pee detour:)"

At the finish line of my races I try to get a name to thank for the help of the volunteers.  There is so much that goes in to a race of any such event.  There is no way I can participate with out them! 

So after saying thanks and receiving my   "Gold" metal,  gathering my belongings I trekked to a meeting place with travel Partners Matt, Dan, james, Carolyn and Johanna.  Celebration mode was in full swing in no time....Other local runners soon followed.  It was super to see Carl Zeh, a Harris employee that has turned into a great runner in such a short time!  I believe he ran a sub 2:55!  We all had stories to share. Matt, Dan, James, Bruce and I running for GVH finished 20th as a masters team. Lot's of challenges along the course, wild crowd support and much more.

We posed for pictures displayed the metals and saluted with a beverage in one hand and recovery drink in the other! Below is Matt "the mayor", Myself, Dan "the rocket" and/or "stat man" and Jim with also an extension hockey backround"
The mustache look was in conjunction w 2012 Boston's "Mulligan" Marathon.   

Then the explosions. We heard that there was an accident, which quickly turned into "not an accident"...a flood of calls ensued...communication seemed to be at a stand still...Sudenly there was a need account for all for their family and friends.  The celebration turned sour.  We were only about 5 blocks away and our hotel was at the finish line.  We tried to make the best of it, knowing all people were accounted for.  On the way back, media was all over just outside the hotel.  They interviewed us.  We just were shocked.  There were soldiers present as we tried to enter the Hotel.  Yea, I viewed assault  weapons.  They checked my baggage.  There was a soldier with a video camera, just standing in our elevator silent, leaning up against the back corner documenting every move we made.  So as the night progressed, there was no where to go, but back to the room and watch loops of media coverage.  We Immediately got up the next day and confirmed the vehicles were available.

So as everyone knows the week after more shock what actually has hapened. My thoughts translate...even if it is of grander scale, from a local scale to terrorism,  a shallow and deep hatred on a city celebrating such an athleticism, dedication and just a unique sporting event. It's just sickning how a thought like that can be ascertained?...I want also add... I  bike in the area where a  local school teacher, Heather Boyum was killed near where I train for triathlons.  I have biked in honor of another area athlete, Kevin Royston, which was a victim of a hit and run.  He later lost part of his leg. 

I can not be put down, hide or be secluded from my plans. I just heard a dance instructor lost part of one of her legs and a foot.  She stated she would like to run the marathon neext year!  Oh my GOD, it is so inspiring.  I don't dramatize the whole thing since I am healthy.  I feel guilty that this type of person should be the president and be on the podium with the president!

I hope and know we will be more vigilant, to be like "Boston" strong.  To be part of, where the law shows respect for those hurt by such absolute disgusting actions, whether local, or on a global terror plot.  I am so, looking forward to running next year's, 2014 Boston's Marathon.  As soon as they caught the second bomber, I looked for a photo to post in celebration, since I have been reluctant to because of the bombings: death, hurtfulness and destruction.  Below is our photo in the Hotel Westin room before the walk to the busses, the morning of the 117th running of the Boston Marathon.  Pictured is myself, James, Matt and Dan.  We like to joke around and here I believe I was praying to the marathon Gods in fun since Dan, Matt and I are competitive between us resulting in current times around a three hour marathon.
We were entered as a team "GVH", first time for us.  Results were 20th as a masters team! Matt's 2:56, Dan 3:06, James 3:15 and 3:00 for myself!

Tim Dwyer

Notes: continues to be updated....

Pics; hotel, start line , bus pics on and waiting, metals

Video; Start, Wesley

Team Hoyt 

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